About Team Genji

Team Genji is the premier competitive esports team. We’ve been competing since 2016 under the Team Gamer Sensei brand, before relaunching as Team Genji in early 2018.
Team Genji specialized in Hearthstone, where we were the #1 ranked team by HCT points in 2017. In this same year, we also won Dreamhack Denver, Top 8’d the Hearthstone World Championships, and finished 8th place or better in five other marquee events including: Dreamhack Sweden (Top 8), Dreamhack Lepzeig (Top 8) and WESG (2nd Place).

Team Genji currently fields three active Hearthstone rosters: our Blue and Red squads actively compete for HCT points, while our Gray Team develops the best emerging Hearthstone talent.
We’ve also previously fielded Top 4 teams in Overwatch, Hand of the Gods, and more.
Team Genji is a wholly independent organization. To learn more about Team Genji or request information Sponsorship and Talent Management opportunities, you can reach to us directly here.